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Phosphorescent painting "Awakening of power"

100% handmade

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Product description

Neon glow in the dark acrylic paint "Awakening of power"

Artist: Sandra Huber

The King's Gaze: "Awakening of Power" brilliantly captures the majestic and contemplative gaze of a lion. This glow in the dark artwork is a remarkable representation of nature's raw power, with the lion's eyes resembling vibrant neon light painting that seems to pierce the very soul.

Contrast and Depth: Using the hues of blue and black, combined with streaks of white, the glow in the dark paint for canvas art piece showcases deep contrasts. This serves not only as aesthetic appeal but also symbolizes the dualities of life, similar to the best examples of modern picture lights and neon sign wall art.

Illuminated Mane: One cannot help but be entranced by the lion's luminescent mane, painted with precision using glow in the dark paint pens. It gives the appearance of a halo, or a crown of light, further emphasizing the lion's regality in this neon wall art piece.

Whispers of Wilderness: Beyond the lion, the subtle brush strokes and the abstract patterns in the background add a touch of mysticism to the glow painting on canvas. It's reminiscent of the murmurs and secrets of the wilderness, captured with luminous painting techniques.

Boldness and Beauty: "Awakening of Power" is not just another neon light wall art. It's an ode to the majesty of the wild, brought to life using best glow in the dark acrylic paint. This artwork stands as a testament to the incredible synergy of nature's grandeur and human artistry.



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Phosphorescent painting "Awakening of power"