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  • Sku: FPS113-100x50-gold
  • Vendor: ysartstudio

Painting on canvas Framed wall art "Malva"

100% handmade

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Product description

Acrylic painting on canvas "Malva"

Luxurious Petal Design: 'Malva' showcases the elegance of the mallow flower through textured acrylics, with gold leaf highlights bringing a luxurious depth to the canvas.

Harmonious Palette: The harmonious blend of neutral tones and gold accents in 'Malva' creates a soothing visual experience, perfect for enhancing the calmness of any room.

Elegant Artistry: The meticulous brushwork and artful shading in this piece reflect the artist's commitment to capturing the essence of the mallow's delicate beauty.

Contemporary Elegance: 'Malva' combines traditional botanical art with a modern twist, making it a stunning contemporary piece for collectors and decorators alike.

A Tranquil Statement: This acrylic painting on canvas serves not just as decor but as a statement of tranquility, making it an ideal centerpiece for spaces designed for relaxation and reflection.

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Painting on canvas Framed wall art "Malva"