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  • Sku: KL017-120x80-gold
  • Vendor: ysartstudio

Paint that glows in black light "Star connection"

100% handmade

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Product description

Abstract neon light art "Star connection"

Artist: V. Costa

Cosmic Artistry: Diving deep into the realm of abstract neon light art, "Star Connection" is an embodiment of cosmic artistry. This artwork is a testament to the celestial wonder and magnificence of the universe.

Neon Luminosity: The dynamic duality between the ethereal glow and the muted backdrop showcases the true essence of neon light detailing. It's this luminosity that brings the art piece to life, casting an enchanting spell on the viewer.

Celestial Emotions: Beyond just a visual representation, this piece of abstract neon light art resonates with the viewer on an emotional level. The vastness of the cosmos, portrayed through celestial elements, makes one ponder the mysteries of existence.

Modern Aesthetic: Perfectly aligning with contemporary interior designs, "Star Connection" brings forward the chic allure of neon light detailing. Its unique style enhances modern spaces, adding a touch of cosmic sophistication.

Galactic Radiance: As a shining gem in the world of abstract neon light art, "Star Connection" stands as a beacon of galactic radiance. The neon glow, combined with the representation of celestial bodies, makes it an illuminating masterpiece.

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Paint that glows in black light "Star connection"