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  • Sku: KL016-120x80-gold
  • Vendor: ysartstudio

Modern light up wall art "Healing forest"

100% handmade

£434.00 GBP
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Product description

Large lighted canvas wall art "Healing forest"

Artist: Olaf B.

Immersive Experience: The "Healing Forest" offers an immersive experience like no other. Every brush stroke, every hue, and every shadow pulls you into its neon light up world, making you feel like you're walking amidst the trees.

Mastery in Craft: Embracing large lighted canvas techniques, the artist displays impeccable wall art mastery. The play of light and shadow showcases the artist's deep understanding of neon light up elements.

Emotional Resonance: It's not just a wall art piece; it's an emotion. The "Healing Forest" echoes nature, allowing you to connect deeply with the art and the emotions it seeks to convey.

Perfect for Modern Spaces: With its neon light up elements and intricate detailing, "Healing Forest" seamlessly fits into modern interior designs, making it a must-have for contemporary spaces.

A Worthwhile Investment: In the world of wall art, "Healing Forest" stands out, promising not only aesthetic delight but also potential appreciation in value, making it a smart acquisition for art enthusiasts.



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Modern light up wall art "Healing forest"