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Large lighted canvas wall art "Small town"

100% handmade

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Abstract neon wall art "Small town"

Artist: N. Petit

Dynamic Dichotomy of Day and Night: "Small Town" is a brilliant representation of the urban life cycle. On the left, a radiant, bustling day scene is depicted, bathed in vivid colors and lively brushstrokes. On the right, the neon wall art captures the same town under the cover of night. Illuminated windows stand out against the dark, representing life that goes on, even after sundown.

Luminous Beauty in Nightfall: The glow in the dark acrylic paint technique brings forth the enchantment of the night in the town. The luminous windows and twinkling stars overhead transform the urban landscape into a serene, magical realm. This lighted painting technique adds depth and allure to the night scene.

Tapestry of Colors: A riot of colors - reds, oranges, yellows, and blues - swirl and merge to paint the town's façade during the day. This vibrant color palette embodies the hustle and bustle, the energy and vivacity of day-to-day life in a small town. It's a stark, yet beautiful contrast to the serene blues and blacks of the night.

Textured Intricacies: Each building, window, and shadow is rendered with textured strokes, adding depth and dimension to the abstract neon light art. These intricacies provide a tactile feel, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the town's rich tapestry of life and architecture.

A Tale of Two Times: More than just a depiction of a town, this masterpiece tells a story of time's passage, of life's rhythm in an urban setting. The duality of day and night, captured side by side in this glow in the dark masterpiece, speaks to the relentless march of time and the constant ebb and flow of life in a "Small Town."

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Large lighted canvas wall art "Small town"