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  • Sku: DL074-120x80-yellow
  • Vendor: ysartstudio

Handmade wall painting in framed "Yachts and mooring"

100% handmade

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Product description

Framed art home decoration "Yachts and mooring"

Artist: Shumei

Striking Visual Appeal: This framed art piece captures the essence of a picturesque harbor, with radiant yachts and vibrant buildings. A splash of vivid colors, it's an instant attention-grabber that complements any modern interior setting.

Perfect for Living Rooms: Amplify the ambiance of your living room with this abstract acrylic painting. The energetic strokes and contrasting hues make it a central focal point, perfectly setting a cheerful tone.

Handmade Wall Decoration: Showcasing the intricate craftsmanship, this artwork is a hand-made marvel. Each brushstroke resonates with passion, making it a unique addition to your home decoration collection.

Modern Acrylic Paint Techniques: Harnessing the versatility of acrylics, the artist has skillfully played with textures and layers, bringing depth and dimension to the scene. This technique ensures longevity and vibrancy, keeping the painting fresh and lively for years.

Ideal for Nautical Enthusiasts: For those who are captivated by the charm of yachts and the tranquility of moorings, this piece is a dream come true. It not only adorns your wall but also feeds your wanderlust, taking you on a serene journey to distant harbors and sunlit waters.



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Handmade wall painting in framed "Yachts and mooring"