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Fluorescent glow in the dark paint "Vivid emotions"

100% handmade

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Product description

Night-time glowing painting "Vivid emotions"

Artist: Heike Krebs

Expressive Daylight Impact: 'Vivid Emotions' stands out in daylight with its stark, expressive colors and bold brushstrokes, representing a face that is both mysterious and engaging.

Luminous Nighttime Experience: As darkness descends, the fluorescent glow paints a new layer of emotion onto the canvas, transforming the artwork into a nightlight of feelings that can illuminate a room with its intensity.

Modern Aesthetic Appeal: With its contemporary use of fluorescent paint and abstract design, this artwork fits perfectly into modern decor, inviting viewers to interpret the swirling emotions portrayed.

Emotional Depth and Texture: The texture in 'Vivid Emotions' adds depth, making the portrait a tactile as well as a visual experience. The use of gold leaf hints at hidden luxuries within the emotional spectrum.

Art as a Conversation Starter: This piece is not just a visual statement - it's a conversation starter. It prompts discussions about art's power to convey emotion and the transformative effect of glow-in-the-dark elements on perception.

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Fluorescent glow in the dark paint "Vivid emotions"