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City wall art "Big City" acrylic painting on canvas

100% handmade

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Product description

City wall art "Big City" abstract hand painting

Monochrome Metropolis
'Big City' portrays the sprawling urban skyline in striking monochrome, accentuated by vivid yellow highlights that suggest the city's pulsating energy.

Abstract Urban Landscape
This abstract hand painting transcends traditional cityscapes, offering a unique interpretation of the urban environment as a canvas of light, shadow, and structural forms.

Artistic Interpretation of City Life
Each brushstroke and color choice in 'Big City' is a deliberate expression of the bustling city life, bringing the vibrancy and rhythm of the streets to your walls.

Modern Aesthetic for Any Space
With its contemporary style and abstract design, 'Big City' is a perfect addition to any modern living space or office, inviting viewers to contemplate the fast-paced life within a city.

Splash of Color in City Art
The selective use of color in this city wall art piece not only captures attention but also adds depth, creating a visual focal point that draws the eye and completes any room's decor.

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City wall art "Big City" acrylic painting on canvas