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  • Sku: KL011-100x50-blue
  • Vendor: ysartstudio

Animals frame mounted picture light "Exchange"

100% handmade

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Product description

Glow in the dark craft paint "Exchange"

Artist: Wolf

Animal Symbolism: The painting portrays two animals – a bull and a panther, embodying strength, determination, and a drive for victory. Their interaction transports us into the world of the stock market where bulls and bears battle for dominance.

Unique Technique: The use of glow-in-the-dark paint makes this artwork not just an artistic piece but also a functional interior element. During the darker hours, the painting mysteriously illuminates, creating a special ambiance in the room.

Texture and Finish: Due to the special paint application method, the painting has a pronounced texture adding depth and dimension to the image. Dark and light areas harmoniously combine, forming a dynamic pattern.

Emotional Emphasis: Every movement, every gaze of the animals on the canvas is filled with emotion. This artwork will captivate any art enthusiast and will be a vibrant accent in any setting.

Versatility: Despite its specific theme, the "Exchange" painting is suitable for decorating both homes and offices. It will bring elegance and style to any space.



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Animals frame mounted picture light "Exchange"