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  • Sku: DL075-120x80-gold
  • Vendor: ysartstudio

Acrylic painting on canvas "Geometry Game"

100% handmade

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Product description

Acrylic painting on canvas "Geometry Game"

Artist: Graf

Abstract Acrylic Brilliance "Geometry Game" is a standout piece of abstract acrylic painting, capturing the nuances of visual arts on canvas.

Handmade Wall Decoration As a handmade wall decoration, it beautifully interlaces human elements with geometric precision, showcasing the expert craftsmanship behind the art.

Vivid Home Decoration The deep contrasts within the painting, especially the eyes and lips, make it a vibrant choice for home decoration painting, adding life to any living space.

Artistic Expression Infused with a mix of abstract art for the living room and deeper symbolic meanings, this artwork encapsulates the harmony of shapes and human emotions.

Modern Acrylic Inspiration For enthusiasts of hand made modern acrylic paint artworks, "Geometry Game" stands as a testament to creativity, making it an ideal acrylic wall art for contemporary homes.

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Acrylic painting on canvas "Geometry Game"