Handmade paintings by YS-Art: something that will make your interior unique

Handmade paintings by YS-Art: something that will make your interior unique

Over the past few years, interior design has changed significantly - from primitive, single-type furniture sets and standard pictures, we have moved to exclusive, handmade decorative items. Now someone who wants to make their home or workspace look nice would not hang a cheap poster or reproduction on the wall. He or she will order a handmade painting, which will either perfectly complement the environment or become an accent part of it. We - YS-Art, the interior painting studio - have been creating handmade wall décor for 17 years, which decorates the interiors of clients around the world. And that is why we know how to choose the right painting for your home or office. And we create just such works of art. From an expert point of view, we will tell you how to choose the right painting for your home or office.

Paintings for the home: what size and colour scheme to choose? In our studio, we help our clients select paintings for their interiors- according to their preferences for subject matter and colour schemes, the designer makes a visualisation. But if you want to choose wall decoration by yourself, here are a few recommendations:

  • For rest rooms, it's best to take canvases in a light, calm colour scheme. The subject matter should not be aggressive or accentuate. Lightweight abstract, landscape or cityscape subjects will do just fine. But for the workplace, you can take a bright abstraction, as it improves concentration and develops creativity.
  • In a large room it is better to hang a large painting or a composition of several smaller ones. Conversely, a large painting in a small room will only visually narrow the space.
  • Height of the painting from the floor should be not less than 1.5 metres. This is how paintings are displayed in museums. As for the colour scheme, it's easiest to follow one of their two rules: your picture either should be in the same colour scheme as the whole interior, or it will be a contrast. In the first case, it will complement the interior, and in the second case, it will be an accent part.

Print or handmade picture: which is better?

A handmade painting is an exclusive work of art. Paint strokes, splashes of potassium, the way the texture paste is laid will be inimitable. What's more, the subject of the painting is something that has been developed by our artists. Alas, you don't get that in a print on canvas. Essentially, you are buying an image from a photostock that is simply printed on canvas. And there are millions of such canvases, which means there will be no exclusivity in your interior.

We create handmade paintings for any interior, in any size, framed or unframed. We have already developed subjects - you can choose from a catalogue and an artist will paint the picture for you. If you cannot find a suitable subject in our catalogue, we will create an exclusive work of art entirely according to your wishes.

YS-Art: "You are art. Everything else is just details".